It's not 'work' when you love what you do!

Avid Endurance works with professional athletes and corporations to forge lasting partnerships that promote healthy lifestyles, wellness and a competitive spirit.



I have a passion for endurance sports and believe that the lessons learned, and earned, from training for and competing at some of the most challenging races in the world have tremendous value and applicability in business and life.

Avid Endurance athletes evoke grit, determination, honor, spirit, courage, dedication and loyalty... their stories are sure to inspire you to conquer your next challenge, whatever it may be!
— Jordan Blanco

Services include:

  • Sponsorship management and marketing for endurance athletes

  • Marketing consulting and activation in triathlon and endurance sports

  • Content creation and PR within triathlon industry

  • Athlete management services

  • Endurance coaching

Jordan is phenomenal to work with as my agent and manager. She has an accomplished business background and is wonderful at connecting with brands and working the PR side of things.
— Sarah Piampiano, Professional Triathlete

A taste of the work

  • Identify and source strategic brand partnerships between a broad range of organizations and professional athletes.

  • PR and media strategies to activate athlete-partner relationships across traditional print, online, and social media channels

  • Develop and manage events for sponsor and athlete promotions

  • Evolve marketing strategy for endurance athletes and sporting events

  • Strategic content management and social media strategy within endurance space

  • Content creation for leading endurance print and online media

  • Advocacy for equality in triathlon for all competitors